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important work

This podcast does important work for spreading mental health awareness and continuing the conversations with real people!

Compassionate, caring and informative

An intelligent, empathetic and informative podcast. Really enjoyed hearing the different e Ernie each people have had with the system and Joel engages with his guests in an authentic way. Wonderful!

Great job

Insightful and honest story sharing presented in an approachable format. Keep up the great work mate, more of these stories need to be heard.

Shining The Spotlight

What an inspiring effort to be having real conversations with real people, sharing wisdom and lived experience to shine the spotlight and raise awareness towards rippling the change that is needed. Thank you for your courage, dedication, and allowing us to hear these powerful stories. Keep going!

A interesting and informative podcast!

Listened to my first episode today. Really interesting hearing about the impact on families! Appreciate hearing about mental illness from another point of view.


My family has the same disorder


Joel has great interview skills, made me feel comfortable in opening up about my story and asked the right questions without being pushy

Real conversations for personal and business lives

Really enjoying Joel's real conversartions as he dives deep into personal and buisness matters that often gets left unsaid. These convos are adding real value to peole and buisnes owners no matter the industry. Episode 3 with Tim Beanland they reveal how many buisnesses are stuck in the past as they're doing little to no video/content marketing leaving lots of opportunity on the table and muich more - Great stuff! Podcast is very informative with massive value - a must listen! Highly recommended!

Genuine Authentic Conversations Real Stuff

I was a guest on the podcast, but a listener as well. Joel asks amazing questions and as the title says gets into, genuine authentic conversations! well done Joel keep it up

Very refreshing

Great insights and talks into mental health

Love it.

Well worth a listen.

True to title.

The title certainly does not stray. Joel gives an unbiased opinion and always talks from experience. Amazing how genuine conversations can lead to thoughtful insight.


Fantastic content as per usual from Jim Penmans CDO. Can’t wait to see where Joel can take this series.