The Lived Experience Podcast

The Lived Experience Podcast

The lived experience podcast is about creating conversations around mental health and in particular stories surrounding growing up with a mental illness in the family. As a child of a single mother with BiPolar, I wanted to create interviews that would fill the content gap around this subject. Mental health awareness and advocacy goes far beyond depression and anxiety. I hope that these discussions shine a lot on issues you may not be aware of or even inform you to know that you are not alone. Make sure you subscribe or leave a rating to support the show.

Recent Episodes

Mental Health Awarness Needs To Stop? My interview with Jimmy Mitchell about all things Mental Illness

Sept. 27, 2022

I was interviewed by Jimmy Mitchell from My Online Guy , and at the end of the episode, we touched on mental health awareness and illness for around 20 mins. In these 20 minutes, I share some information that may be hard to …

Emergency episode, R U OK Day, the time for awareness is over? People living with bipolar have a suicide risk 17 times that of the general population!

Sept. 7, 2022

I wanted to record this emergency podcast before R U OK Day, which is today, with my thoughts around it and a perspective from someone who has lived with someone who has had a serious mental illness for many years. I also ta…

Interview with the most talented person I have ever met, Emily Unity!

Sept. 5, 2022

Emily has over 14 years as a lived and living experience professional. They have a diverse portfolio focusing on diverse identities, including LGBTQIA+, multicultural, neurodiversity, and disability. Their work has included …

Interviews Mental Health Growing Up With A Parent Who Has Mental Illness

Interview with Tara Stark about her young carer story and what needs to change now with the current system

Sept. 2, 2022

Tara Stark is a prominent lawyer, board member of Satellite Foundation, and also a has been a young carer. Tara knows firsthand the challenges of growing up with a parent who has a serious mental illness. In this episode, Ta…

Guest: Tara Stark

Paul Green and why is getting hard help so hard in Australia, personal story?

Aug. 17, 2022

Paul Green was a Rugby League legend who unfortunately chose to end his life recently, which has brought this back in the front of people's minds in Australia. In this episode, I run through some thoughts on why this still h…

Interviews Mental Health

The Reality of Mental Illness, Seclusion and The System from the Inside, Interview with community mental health worker, Serena O'Callaghan

Aug. 17, 2022

Serena O'Callaghan is a lived experience worker and works in community mental health. Serena also has had her mental health challenges in which she opens up about her experience with the mental health system as an inpatient.…

Recent Blog Posts

Interview with Bipolar Australia founder, Susana Bluwol

Interview with Bipolar Australia founder, Susana Bluwol about all things Bipolar on the lived experience podcast with Joel Kleber.

Interview with Zoey Ka on the lived experience podcast

Interview with Zoey Ka on the lived experience podcast speaking about all things mental health with Joel Kleber

Interview with Tara Stark about being a young carer

Interview with Tara Stark about being a young carer and supporting a parent with a mental illness on the lived experience podcast hosted by Joel Kleber

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Hi, I am Joel Kleber the host and creator of the lived experience podcast. The goal of the podcast is to create more conversations on mental health that go beyond depression and anxiety. There is so much more to mental health! My experience is growing up with a single mother with Bipolar Disorder 1 and it was an experience, to say the least! However, I have always been frustrated by the lack of content that there is online regarding this and other mental illnesses. My show consists of interviews and also solo episodes where I recount experiences to really emphasise the point that you are not alone out there and many people are affected by mental illness in the family unit.