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Kerrie Atherton

Founder Stories of Hope and Counsellor

Kerrie Atherton Founder of Stories of HOPE Australia/Worldwide and EMPOWER Life Solutions is a Keynote Speaker, Author, Mental Health First Aid Training Presenter, Event Host, Trauma and Addictions Recovery Counsellor.

After planning suicide at 18, Kerrie walked through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous and since that day 40 years ago, has remained clean and sober.

Over the past 30 years, Kerrie has worked in the business and community sector helping those who are struggling with the issues of life find Hope. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast 17 years ago she has worked in a voluntary capacity in the community as well as private practice as a trauma and addictions coach/counsellor and mentor building connection and supporting people from all walks of life. In addition she has worked with many young people in crisis at different schools on the Sunshine Coast.

Along with her husband she founded a charity called “Streetlight” which ran for six years supporting the homeless and disadvantaged.

Four years ago Kerrie founded “Stories of HOPE Australia” a platform which runs monthly events bringing HOPE to the community and is now a published author having just released the second book in her, “Stories of HOPE Australia” series ‘Resilient People, Remarkable Stories’. When the world went into lockdown, Kerrie commenced “Stories of HOPE Worldwide” an online platform sharing stories of HOPE around the world.

Kerrie has also recently become a “Mental Health First Aid” trainer, helping people to recognise the signs that someone may be experiencing a mental health crisis and how to assist them.

In everything she does, her passion is to help prevent suicide and hopelessness and to bring connection and HOPE to people in times of uncertainty in a rapidly changing world.

April 11, 2023

She Faced Suicide & Addiction, Now She's Changing Lives: Unbelievable…

Interview with Kerrie Atherton about her near suicide and recovery. Now she helps others with Stories of Hope and is a qualified trauma counsellor.

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