A podcast sharing stories of lived experience with mental illness

I was asked to be a guest on the well-known "I swear I never" podcast, which is about finding yourself in a situation you SWEAR, you never could have predicted? They bring you the extraordinary stories of everyday people - from the bizarre to the heartbreaking, they don't hold back.

They have a different theme every week, and last week I was the guest to talk about part of my story.

I tried to speak from the heart, and if I were on again, I probably would have more concise thoughts. However, big thanks to Bek Day and Tess Lazarous for the opportunity.

You can subscribe to their podcast via https://omny.fm/shows/i-swear-i-never

You can check out my website or drop me a note via https://www.livedexperiencepodcast.com/

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Joel Kleber


Host of the lived experience podcast which started from my frustration about the lack of content there is around children who have a parent with a mental illness. Mental health awareness is limited to depression and anxiety, my podcast goes beyond that.