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The Truth About Psychiatric Care: A Conversation with Nurse Georgia Livingston

April 24, 2023

The Truth About Psychiatric Care: A Conversation with Nurse Georgia Livingston
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In this episode of the Lived Experience podcast, host Joel Kleber interviews Georgia, a psychiatric nurse who works in a private inpatient facility. 

Georgia discusses her passion for mental health care and why she finds it rewarding. She explains that working in a psychiatric facility is not like what is portrayed in the movies and that patients are provided with a calm and relaxed environment, similar to a home away from home.

Joel asks Georgia about the process of getting help in these facilities, and Georgia explains that in the public setting, involuntary patients are held if they are at harm to themselves or others. 

In the private setting, patients are referred by a GP or psychiatrist and must be willing to go voluntarily.

Georgia also discusses her thoughts on electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), explaining that it is a last-resort treatment for dire circumstances where medication has failed.

She has seen it work wonders in some cases but acknowledges the potential side effects.

The episode also covers visiting hours for families, the challenges of bringing children into psychiatric facilities, and the importance of mental health tribunals in the public setting.

Overall, Georgia provides valuable insight into the workings of psychiatric facilities and the care provided to patients.

Big thanks to Georgia for sharing her story and the work that she does along with all the other mental health nurses throughout Australia and the World. 

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