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Interview with Brad McEwan

March 26, 2022

Interview with Brad McEwan

What did he learn from Dom Price at Atlassian on Company Culture?

Brad McEwan did a video series earlier in the year for the ANZ bank called the well-being conversation. In this conversation, he spoke with Dom Price from Atlassian who had the below to say about company culture.

"One conversation, we had, one of the participants was Dom Price from Atlassian, Dom was saying, which is so so true. Don was saying, you know, people say to him, oh you work at Atlassian, you're in the tech software business and he says, no, no, we're in the people business, that's what we do. We have people and we look after our people because yes, that's what we make, but we can't make anything without the people. So we invest heavily in our people, you know, and what, what research shows now, particularly the, what I'm gonna call it now, I get lots of millennials, whatever coming through is that it's not about the money, it's not about the money it's about, it's about providing a workplace and a culture where people feel safe and respect it and you know, there is an understanding and an acceptance of things like mental health and we've all had those different scenarios haven't we?

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Were, you know yourself hypothetically you can take, You can be offered a job for $100,000 In the most incredible organization like canvas somewhere like that. Or you can take a job for $150,000 in a place with a reputation as somewhere that's really really toxic. Only one of them is gonna last, isn't it? And what would you say to your son or daughter or your sibling or someone you care about, which job would you tell them to take And you're 100% right? Those organisations that are living in the past, and they have that culture of winning at all costs and profits over people."

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