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Mental illness and how it has affected the Jim's Group - Interview with Jim Penman

March 27, 2022

Mental illness and how it has affected the Jim's Group - Interview with Jim Penman
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Interview with Jim's Group and Jim's Mowing CEO, Jim Penman about all things mental health and how it affects the Jim's Group. Jim also talks about the incident with Jim's that changed his life forever. Thanks for listening and please consider leaving a review. 

0:00 - Why is mental health important to him?
4:20 - Mentorship for franchisee mental health
5:20 - The franchisee incident which changed the Jim's Group focus
8:30 - Sense of community and mental health
10:00 - The most deeply shocking thing in Jim's Group history?
12:40 - The lockdown and mental health
13:54 - Men being less likely to ask for help
16:50 - What about Jim's mental health?
22:40 - Family life and Jim's rules for it
24:50 - What matters in life?
28:00 - Jim's research to cure mental illness?
29:30 - Jim's treatment for people?
30:30 - Atomic habits
34:30 - Jim's religion?
37:00 - Community mentoring
39:00 - Owning a business and mental health
42:00 - Jim's plans in the next 5 years

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Jim Penman


Jim Penman is the founder and CEO of Jim's Group and Jim's Mowing, which is Australia's largest franchise by numbers with more than 4,650 franchise owners. Jim also has a PhD in history and also hosts a podcast with Joel Kleber called 'The JIMSCAST'