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How to deal with grief after a family tragedy? Interview with Darcy Smyth

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Darcy Smyth is a well-respected sales trainer, consultant, and business owner.
However, he and his family have experienced probably the hardest thing someone has to go through and that is losing a loved one to suicide.

We are all aware of the term, but, how aware are we of what families go through in the lead-up and the aftermath, plus the grief that comes with it?

It's something that isn't spoken about enough as that's everyone's right to not talk about something so hard, however, Darcy was kind enough to share his story on the lived experience podcast.

Anyone can get something out of today's episode as Darcy provides a lot of great insights and a view on life that will certainly help you with whatever situation you're dealing with.

Big thanks to Darcy for sharing his story, we wish him and his family all the best for the future.

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