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What is it like growing up with a parent who has BiPolar Disorder? Interview with Bill Campos

If you have a parent with a severe mental illness or know someone who does, they need to hear this episode which is all about this topic.

Bill Campos is Chief Executive Officer of ICLA | Clinical Psychologist BSc MA (Psych) MPsych FAPsS | Director | Social Researcher.

Bill also has a mother with Bipolar Disorder, and for the very first time, I was privileged enough for Bill to feel comfortable enough with me to share his story about this.

Bill's openness and bravery to share these very personal stories of what it's like to grow up with someone you love who has Bipolar disorder is extremely powerful.

The great thing about this interview is that Bill works in this space now as well, so he can see both sides of the issue and speak from authority with both points of view.

Big thanks to Bill for his time, and you can learn more about ICLA at https://icla.org.au/

Introduction to Bill Campus.
0:00 - 02:11

Growing up in a family with mental health issues.

What does bipolar disorder mean to you?

How bipolar affects the whole family unit.

The ripple effect of the episode on his life.

The story of a customer that constantly came into the branch and became agitated.

Bill’s advice for those who have a parent with schizophrenia.

What can be done to help people with mental illness in Victoria?

How should mental illness be explained to young people?

Do you think it’s helpful or harmful for young people to see their parents in the hospital?

The emergency services are really good.

What’s your opinion on electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)?

Treatments that are experimental.

How did you stay on the straight and narrow growing up?

Throw yourself into something you’re passionate about and do a lot.

The value of disability workers in the workplace.

Mental health awareness is great, but all people think about is depression.

The importance of having a supportive family.

What is the biggest gap in mental health?

What’s your opinion on sharing your story?

What needs to happen in the mental health industry.

The importance of having a consumer advocate for mental illness.

The stigma of therapy in the US vs Australia.

How social media can affect young people’s lives.

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